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  • 25 June 2021
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This year in august i am going to interrail for the first time. My plan was Athens - Thessaloniki - Skopje - Belgrade - Budapest - Prague - Frankfurt - Rotterdam. But i just found out that there are no trains between Thessaloniki - Skopje - Belgrade and i think there is also no direct train from Belgrade to Budapest in august. 

I was planning on travelling for 21 days but since there are no direct trains this planning might be to much for 21 days. Is there anyone that knows a more realistic plan? Is it better to skip Greece? 

Thanks for your help! 


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Hi Julia and welcome aboard! You are indeed correct about these connections not having any trains at the moment. For your route 21 days is very realistic. I reckon what the best route would be, depends on what are your must-see destinations. There are a couple of alternatives:

  • Travel via Sofia and Bucharest instead of Skopje and Belgrade. You would still need a bus across the Bulgarian border, but it seems less of a hassle. You also have a possibility to visit the Transylvania region along the way.
  • Take a bus (not included) on parts of your route, like the Thessaloniki - Skopje (- Nis) - Belgrade route
  • Travel via Zagreb instead of Budapest. From Zagreb there are many options in the direction of Rotterdam. You could even make a detour to Budapest from Zagreb. 
  • Take the ferry from Patras to Bari in Italy. It's the easiest route, but that also makes it less adventurous.

So what route suits you depends on your preferences! Let me know what right for you, and whether you want to know more about certain route(s)