Athens to italy. What is the best way?

  • 10 August 2022
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Hello :)

In about a month I’m going inter railing and I’m currently trying to figure out my route, but I’m kinda stuck at athens. I’m not sure where to find any information on greek public transportation, as it’s not on the eurail app. I’m trying to find the best way to go from athens to Italy, if anyone has any possible routes it would be highly appreciated!! Or anywhere to get more information on greek public transport. Btw I have a global pass :)

4 replies

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Unfortunately rail travel in the former Yugoslavia is limited and very difficult to navigate - just search the community for the many questions raised on this area. ( a respected source of travel help) suggests train from Athens to Thessaloniki, then Thessaloniki to Skopje, then bus to Italy (Venice).

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I’d go on the ferry. Not covered by your pass unless you bought the Greek Islands one.

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You get a discount on the ferry with a global pass.

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Er zijn zeker 10-12 versch. ferries van GR naar IT-al gaan de meesten niet eens vanaf een GR punt waar treintjes komen. Je hebt toch vast al eens van google gehoord?

Zoals boven: met de trein zal het sowieso niet gaan. Een zeer goede site die overzichten geeft voor overland travel is ook:

rome2rio is lang niet altijd aktueel en is vooral bedoeld je naar adverteerders te leiden.