Austria stopover between Munich and Zagreb

  • 19 March 2022
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Hi there, I was wondering if anyone has got any good suggestions for stopovers when travelling by train from Munich to Zagreb in Austria. Does the train stop at any scenic places we could get off for a night or two? Thanks 


3 replies

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In the country info you´l find advice about touristy towns, scenic rides etc. Also: it does not have to be exact on the direct railline, as you can use any connection too.

Most famous town is Salzburg-from the Sound of Music movie (ask your parents-or perhaps grandma). Immensely populair with chinese now.

I myself have some liking for lakes+mountains and there are a few-biggest is between Villach and Klagenfurt in Carinthia.

Note that just the single ride M-Salzbr can be done for much less on a Bayerticket as a passday for 2! But if you connect from further in M then it may be different

Thanks so much that’s really helpful, yes had thought of Salzburg - as I’m new on here where do you find the country information? Do you mean on the main website? Will also take a look at Carinthia as we too like lakes and mountains. Thanks also for tip about tickets. 

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several stop overs are possible i would suggest Graz (Austria) or Slovenia (Lake Bled, LAke Bohinj, Postoinja Caves Park)