• 28 July 2023
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We are trying to find trains between the main cities of these countries but we are finding problems.

Our plan was to do: Zagreb- Split - Sarajevo- Beograd- Sofia- Budapest - Bratislava -Viena

¿What route should we take? We really would like some advice because if it is going to be a difficult route we might as well change the plan. Thank you very much for your help. 


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There are almost no trains in the Balkans. You'll have to rely on buses (not included but cheap) from Split to Sofia.

One route with more trains would be Zagreb - Split - ferry to Italy - train down the Adriatic Coast - ferry to Albania or Greece - buses to Sofia - Sofia - Budapest - Bratislava/Vienna.

There are multiple night trains from Bucharest to Budapest.

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Two options for adventure, but also lots of pleasure before that to figure out what the exact connections are:

Option 1:

Zagreb - Split

bus Split to Ploce

Ploce - Sarajevo - Tuzla

bus Tuzla to Brcko, then walk to Gunja in Croatia

Gunja to Tovarnik, see:

Sid - Beograd - Nis-Sofia see here:

Sofia - Budapest - Bratislava - Vienna


Option 2 (without Bosnia):

Zagreb - Split

ferry to Ancona (Italy) and continue overland to Bari

In Bari, ferry to Bar (Montenegro)

Bar to Beograd via the famous route!

Beograd - Nis

bus Nis-Sofia see here:

Sofia - Budapest - Bratislava - Vienna

(this option contours Bosnia so you will need to squeeze that in somehow, which is another challenge)


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