Best and Cheapest way from Montenegro to Croatia?

  • 11 July 2022
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Really struggling to find anything in Montenegro, and seems the only way to get to Croatia is expensive buses… are the train services not working or something? and what’s the best way to get between the two countries please? 

1 reply

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The only-and that was always the case train line out of black mountains is to Beograd, Srbije. Currently 1 day and 1 overnite train. Then you land in a trainlock- there are NO other trains over the border for now from Serbije. As has been told here a few 1000 times now. Trains In Serbije are also scarce and often cancelled-train broke.

YOu can-if determined to use pass, bypass the shorter gaps between last stop In and first one next country-but this will also cost and eats loads of time. Check for more info.

The buses there are not really expensive for the distance. There will also be direct ones-not that many, into HR=Hrvatska.