Best destinations between Italy and Berlin/Hamburg?

  • 12 May 2022
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I’ll be traveling with interrail this summer with my friends, and our last journey will be taking the Snälltåget night train home to Sweden from Berlin or Hamburg. Since we aren’t planning to spend our last days in these cities, my question is: what are your recommendations for places where Berlin or Hamburg is reachable by day trains?

Some background: we will be coming from northern Italy or Austria. We will have seen Berlin and Prague already. We are open to big cities as well as natural wonders. This will all be in July. The night train leaves Berlin at 20:58 and Hamburg at 23:59 (which should still be part of the travel day even if it’s delayed... right?). We’ll of course want a few hours between arriving in northern Germany and departing with the night train. 

Some of our ideas right now are Munich, Salzburg, Strasbourg. Maybe someone has experience with these cities and can recommend one, or some hidden gem nearby? Or are these dangerously far away?

All input is greatly appreciated!

2 replies

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As being half Swedish and half Swiss I have to say that you can’t miss Switzerland. You can leave Berne at 08.04 and arrive in Berlin at 16.29 with 2 changes. Then you have enough time before Snälltåget leaves back home. If you need ideas of where to go in Switzerland you just write that here.

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DD=DResden, cool,, still also much old-style DDR flair (in nearby Pirna still a DDR-museum), and very close to ¨Sachsische Schweiz´= the DDR-imitation of mountains etc, great for hikers etc. The trip to HH=Hamburg takes a little longer, but very doable.

But the nr of Scandinavians just visiting B and HH is amazing-big. Beer for 29 cts/can (less as trekonor)

But well, DD is near halfway between B and Prahy, so maybe then way out.

In the north of Bavaria the old style medieval towns of Bamberg and Bayreuth, both also famous for music composers, are also in a rather nice natural area=quite different from what Sverige mostly offers in that respect.

HINT: In DE there will be special ultra cheap MONTHly tickets for just 9€ in jn/jl/aug and these will be valid in ALL local transport, bus/tram/metro anywhere and also all R and RE trains=toget.