Best route through Black Forest Germany

  • 28 March 2022
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Hi, what is is the best route to take through the Black Forest in one day,  I'm travelling from Zurich and heading onto St. Moritz?  I thought Offenburg to Konstanz as an option,  any ideas would be great, thank you in advance.

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Well, that most certainly not really in between these 2 Swiss places.

You hit 1 right-it has hourly RE trains-doubledeck and you can even spot-if quick-the largest cuckoo clock in the world from it. The next -also quite good-line runs east from Freiburg and joins up with this line around Donaueschingen-it passes some famous cliff. Somehow I recall there are-again-works for a,longer period along that line, but I have to check all details, you can also do yourself via the planner.

Note that IF you stay for a day or 2 in the Black Forest area (NOT the main city Freiburg) most HTLs will give you a Konuspass which is valid during stay for unlimited free transportation-also bus-in this area. it may be worth it. Google Konuspass and follow the links.