Bologna (Centrale) Sleeping In Station

  • 1 November 2022
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I have a layover in Bologna for 4 hours and 11 minutes from the hours of 0109-0520. QUESTIONS.... 1) Can you sleep in the train station waiting area? 2) And if so,  is it safe? 3) Also, any tips you could provide for staying for thise few hours IF you can not stay in the waiting area?

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Should be open all night, not super comfy but OK for a night (did it 1-2 times). Still take care of your belongings. Don’t remember a waiting room but I am sure there is. I spent it on the platform and in the station hall.

Sleeping sitting might be ok but on the floor I wouldn’t bet if not a security will wake you up.

As Bologna is a big university city, you should be also able to grab some drinks until 2-3am somewhere in the city 

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#1. can stay but NOT sleep=dormire. Every now+then they even check that (security) and wake up. But thats official-this is IT so most do not take official very serious. But DO note mask-wearing!!

Perhaps cari angelo dalle IT knows a little more. Blg is a very big interchange stazione with people 24 hrs and even quite some shops open all the time (as I can remember from long ago-may have changed)

#2.of course not 100%, but better as on the streets. I dk if they currently only admit people with tickets or even if there is any check to enter waiting room.

#3.there is a dedicated site for this, also covers some main trainstations:

Best ALT that other forums tend to give is to go look for a all-night bar/cafe, but I highly doubt if these are there in IT. It should be obvious you have to buy something then and cannot sleep.

Best way is likely to play a little with the timetables-again someone who did not give full info so that experts can perhaps give ALT advice on how to avoid or minimize this time. Thats the plague of these new planners that people loose all insight in how trains run or what one can do. PLus that planners give shortest route as for normal tickets-with that pass you can always make longer detours or sideways or even double track some sections

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where will you travel and from where and when? maybe you can avoid this layover. 

Keep in mind, that train station are not like airports with lots of seats to wait, but most of the time there is not very much places to wait (and this is the case in Italy). 


Ok... I think I found a solution. However, there is a bus connection from Arezzo to Florence. I have a 15day/2month Global Pass. QUESTION... Does my global pass cover the bus trip? Or is Bus another form of train listing?

Thank you


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Bus means Bus.

Scheduled service buses aren’t included in the pass (with a few exceptions), however rail replacement bus services run by/on behalf of the railway company are. According to the timetable data this is one of those so you can use it.


Thank you!