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  • 11 June 2022
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Hi travellers! I want to explore all Europe on my own pace. Going to many places from Spain to Norway, then down to Greece stopping aaaall the way down, to finally go back to Spain via Italy and France. 

To do this, I want to be free in terms of time, like for example, maybe one week I travel 6 days, and maybe in two weeks I travel 1 day.

Global passes are not working for this, they have restrictions on time, so I was wondering... if I just buy a ticket from a city in Spain to a city in Norway, can I stop freely through the way? If not, how can I plan my own route with no rush on the number of times to take the train or the period of time I'd have to use my pass?

Thanks for your help 😊💖

2 replies

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You could-long ago. But since at least 2000 these tickets are not sold anymore.

Plus that they would be so terribly expensive (in fact simply the sum of the highest unrestricted fares via the route you choose per country) that a pass would be miles cheaper.

PLus that in that past these tickets were (but again; ONLY via the route inscribed in them) valid 2 monthes, but today only 2 DAYs-and sometimes MAX of maybe 3 or 4. Fraud was rampant with them.

Best buy is undoubtedly a pass for X days in a 2 month period for this.

Plan route: for this i would still recommend the very old style paper European Train Timetable-maybe your library has an old one, or the 2nd h market-for planning routes and what /where it still gives good impression. The planner of is best for this-much better as app.

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As said above

You can buy a “FlexPass” with X traveldays in 1 or 2 months :) Mabye buy several of them like 10days in 2months + 4days in 1 months so you have in totdal 14 Traveldays in a 3 month period :)

Just note that in Countries like Spain you have to pay reservations for allmost all trains prices is arround 15€ for dometic Highspeedtrains within Spain and goes up to 40-50€ for International Highspeedservices like TGV Barcelona - Paris :)
The International Highspeed service can easily avoided by useing Regionaltrains from Barcelona via Portbou/Cerbere or Latour de Carol.

Countries like France & Italy charge aswell reservation fee´s for their Highspeedservices (10€ or 20€)  but these can be avoided by useing Regionaltrains (reservation free) or Intercity (pretty cheap to reserve 3€)

Second option you buy normal tickets from City to City but this will be the mostexpensive way (except you plan everything ahead and book advanced/promotional fares/tickets)