Can I take night trains my entire trip?

  • 16 July 2021
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Hi All! I want to take night trains throughout my entire trip to maximize my time in Europe. Is this possible? Looking to land and depart from Brussels, to Dusseldorf, to Berlin, to Leipzig, to Prague, to Vienna, to Salzburg, to Munich, to Zurich, ending in Frankfurt.


Is this even possible? 

I think some of these places are only a few hours way from each other. 

1 reply

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Ofcourse if possible you can do it :)

Your distances are to short for Nighttrains :/ within Germany there a Night ICE & IC´s same trains as on daytime :)

You can optimise your route for Nighttrains a bit but not much :)

Nighttrains that may fit in your plans :)

Brussels/Amsterdam - (Düsseldorf) - (Frankfurt) - Vienna/Innsbruck (Brussels only to Vienna 2 times per week)
Budapest - Vienna - (Salzburg) - (Innsbruck) - Zürich
Prague - Budapest
Berlin - Budapest/Vienna
Munich - (Salzburg) - (Vienna) - Budapest
Prague - (Salzburg) - (Innsbruck) - Zürich
Berlin -(Frankfurt) -  Zürich
From Dec 2021 there will be a Zürich - Amsterdam Nighttrain :)
I recommend to get long distances by Nighttrain to catch some sleep