Can't take rain Villach due to reinstalling railways. Any alternatives?

  • 8 March 2022
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My group and I wanted to go from milan to ljubliana but apparently we can’t take Villach’s train because on july they will be doing some reinstalling of the railways. 

Do you know any other alternative?

3 replies

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Milano- Trieste 


From Trieste 3trains per day to Ljubljana 

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There will still be a train from Trieste (13:03) to Ljubljana (15:47). It should be possible to reach it from Milan.

However, you're too early. Italian railways haven't published their summer timetable yet (starting 12 June). You'd better check again in May.

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Yes, these works will be there. So there will be rail-replacement BUSes on the sector involved=means longer triptimes and more changes and often confusion.

Indeed better to check via Trieste.

Note on weekends there are very cheap ride-at-will tickets for SLOvenia Railways-just 15€-bilet izlet.