Dieppe - Saint Lazare or Dieppe - Gare de Nord? Route with least changes

Hi, I am returning to Thailand from London via Dieppe and Paris.

I am trying to work out the route by train with the least changes because of my little dog.

Dieppe - Saint Lazare or Dieppe - Gare de Nord?  and then onto CDG T2 for my flight!

Thank you!

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Use the SNCF connect app. You have to change in Rouen. You can’t get to Paris Nord from Rouen as far as I know. Also use the TER train or you may face a supplement on the trains marked up as Nomad. This is new so maybe someone else in the community has more details about supplements on Nomad trains when travelling to Paris. Don’t use the Rail Planner it is not up to date

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Certainly the Dieppe to Paris is best to St Nazaire with one change at Rouen Rive Droit. It seems there are trains every 2 hours or so and many require a reservation from Rouen. It takes 2 to 3 hours.

You don’t make it clear if your plan is to go directly to CDG or stay in Paris overnight,

From St Lazare to Paris CDG is a separate problem and there are many local solutions. Others may know better than I do which is best.

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These NoMad trains do NOT hve special surcharge-in fact they offer even more lower ´advance´ fares, but you MUST now REServe a seat (will come automatic if needed when ordering normal tickets), with a pass this will cost 1,50 and is best done at a SNCF-machine. Sold out train are very rare-except the real peak ones: FRI-aftern FROM P and SUN-aftern TO.

It depends on if you make a stop in P or not-but at the RER machines in St.Laz you can buy a -fairly expensive- normal single ticket right to CDG-just 1 change is needed. OR -if it is still there and willing to take animals- the direct AirFrance bus from ??-google will tell you.

St Lazare to CDG is a separate PROBLEM?

oh no! Hopefully it's just a challenge!

I booked Dieppe to St Lazare - we stop being Adults at 59, then we are classed as seniors! Took me hours to work this out so I could book! £31.00 for 1st class which was super👍. Now, just to continue 30 minutes to the airport with a change or 2!

Thank you everyone for your help 😃

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Apologies for using the word problem. It is a word in English that has many levels. On this occasion the word challenge is better.

I merely meant that it was a question that I didn't know the answer to.

Sorry, I'm confused now!!! .....…

There was no need to apologise for anything 😳

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Enjoy your trip home

Can I buy a train ticket at St Lazare to CDG or can I buy it online?

How many changes are there? - I've worked out 1, after 1 stop, then it's straight to the airport!

Am I correct please? 🙏

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Best to ask at St Lazare on best point to catch and change - I can see a couple of options but unfamiliar with which Metro is closest. Both have a one change routing.

There will be no problem getting a ticket in the station for the Metro or RER (regional train).

thank you very much.

I wanted to avoid queues as I have the dog and times reasons.