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  • 27 January 2024
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Myself (60 and use a mobility scooter) and my grandson (6) have tickets for a Euro 24 match in gelsenkirschen.  We are going to stay in Dusseldorf.

We will be travelling from the uk.

Day 1  Train from south west to london overnight stay in london

Day 2 euro star from london to dusseldorf. stay in dusseldorf

Day 3 Train from dusseldorf to gelsenkirchen for the match and return  stay in dusseldorf

Day 4 Train from dusseldorf to london then london to sw

Would the eurail cover this trip Im very confused with the route planner


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You indicate you live in the UK, which means you can't use Eurail but should use Interrail.

There are discounted Interrail tickets available for EURO 2024:

Your journeys would be covered by Interrail, except that you can only use it in your country of residence on a maximum of 2 days. You're planning to travel in/from/to the UK on 3 days, so you'll need a separate ticket for one of the journeys involving the UK (SW-London, London-Brussels or Brussels-SW), whichever is the cheapest (probably SW-London or London-Brussels). Eurostar between London and Brussels needs a €30 reservation and Brussels-Düsseldorf will also need a reservation (price depends on which train(s) you use).

Whether the mobility scooter can be taken on the trains will depend on its size.

You should also check prices of regular tickets. Prices may not be very different, especially if you don't need the flexibility to change your schedule.

What is it in the route planner you're confused about?

thank you so much for your help.