Disruptions of railway- Balkan routes not in service anymore

  • 20 May 2022
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Has anyone travelled through the balkans while interrailing recently? We had planned to travel from Venice to sanatori, this seemed possible when I entered the destinations in on the interrail rout planner. However when I look at the rail disruptions on the interrail website many of these routs are not in service anymore. Can anyone clarify or advise?

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Where is that Sanat?

Yes its right esp OVERborders lines in these areas have all been cancelled-mostly in what once was Yugoslavija (maybe you have ever learnt that in school.) And that now runs is very sparse and also often cancelled at very last moment. This is due to neglect=no maintenance for >30 yrs. And railways are a costly beast to maintain-for most not the first priority. Things these green scouts never dare to tell.

Ever heard of seat61? THIS site has basically all the info but DO read it till very end as there are many updates.

There are these general sites that google will always turn up for general transport: rome2rio and. Use that to get a rough glimpse and then search the sites they mention. NEVER book via them!

Its true that the good old BUS is the main means of public transport and also in f.e. ROMania many trains have been outsourced and do NOT take any pass anymore.