Family trip; Amsterdam, Germany, Switzerland, France

  • 26 July 2021
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I am traveling with my family in Mid August. They want to travel from Amsterdam to Germany, Switzerland and then hed to Paris. I have 5 travel days planned. What cities do you recomend we travel before going to Paris? What train pass should I get?

5 replies

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You should get a Globalpass as this pass cover all mentioned countries

Germany i would suggest Munich with daytrips to Salzburg and Neuschwanstein Castle, Garmisch Paten Kirchen.

Switzerland i would say Lucerne or Spiez/Interlaken :) or you explore Switzerland by Rail with the Scenic Routes :)

Last stop in Switzerland Geneva and from there via Lyon to Paris :)

Note that the Reservations for Thalys Paris - Amsterdam are quite expensive 30€ per seat :/

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Hey Pablo,

as @seewulf said, you should get a Global Pass.

But I’d suggest slightly different places to visit… Neuschwanstein Castle is in my opinion way overrated and especially the tours inside are mass tourism par excellence.
Also touristy but more beautiful (in my opinion) and you are free to walk around inside as long as you want is Chillon castle near Lausanne. And Lausanne itself is also worth a visit and good stopover before going to Paris.
Also the mountains in Switzerland are way more impressive (areas near Lucerne/Interlaken as suggested by seewulf)

In Germany coming from Amsterdam a stopover maybe in/near Koblenz would be good - quite scenic area (Rhine Valley).

After continue south to Stuttgart and from there take a train via Schaffhausen to Zürich (maybe get off in Schaffhausen to see the Rhine falls, you can also get a glimpse of them from the train).

Thanks seewulf and MartinM

@seewulf    @MartinM 

Is it worth buy 1st class Global Pass or should I buy the 2nd class??

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@seewulf    @MartinM 

Is it worth buy 1st class Global Pass or should I buy the 2nd class??

Both are fine:) in Switzerland there is no big difference between 1st Class and 2nd Class. In Switzerland i was always fine with 2nd class