Flam train (Norway) to include in trip

Hey everyone :)

I’m planning a trip in the scandinavic countries. I’ll start at Stockholm and want to go first over Oslo to Bergen. During this trip, there is the railway of the Flam train. Anyone has an advice for me to include it efficient to my trip. I saw that the train between Oslo and Bergen stops at Myrdal, which is one stop of the flam rail. Do I have then only the possibility to go a whole round with the flam train back to Myrdal?

Thanks for your help.


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Hey Alex,

there is also the possibility to continue by ferry to Gudvangen from Flam or to take a bus from there to some other places (Sogndal, Laerdal), but none of this is included in Interrail. So you have to buy an expensive extra ticket (maybe bus is not so expensive).
Hitchhiking might be also an option. Usually if you are on a touristy road it works quite well in Norway.

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A very long time ago-I did it then!-that bane was included as normal train on passes. This is NO More-you get a discount on what is an overinflated superhigh price anyway-like those mountain rack railways in Swiss. This round trip is promoted anywhere in the area as ´Norway in a nutshell´-the railpart covered by pass can be substracted from total price.