From Bucharest to Istanbul

  • 6 April 2023
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I am trying to organise Bucharest-> Istanbul (next week).

I checked on the CFR (Romanian train's website) and I see only a very complicated solution (4 changes and it is not possible to book online).

Somebody did this route recently and suggest how to do it?

Is it possible to get the availability only at the train office in Romania? Is there any night train to avoid so many stop?  


Thank you!


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6 replies

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The only train from Bulgaria to Turkey does not have seats. Only sleepers and couchettes. You can only reserve in Bulgaria.

There is no easy way by train.

I did the journey last year but went to Sofia and had an extra night before taking the Sofia Istanbul train. It was a poor timekeeper last year. Arrived Halkali 3 hrs late

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Thanks for the info. But exactly which route you did and where you booked it?

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There’s a train service via Ruse (change)to Sofia it takes all day! After a night in Sofia the evening train to Istanbul departs 18:30. You can reserve places on this train in Sofia station.

check all of the times on the DB app.

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You’ll need to check if this train operates as I went last year 

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I hoped there was a way to go from Bucharest, but at least Sofia it is an option.
Thank you very much for the hints!

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Just adding 2 words. The app is totally wrong (it looks like there is a change). The reservation cost 10 euro and the sleeper (4) are pretty comfortable  and the travel was pretty nice.