From Zagreb to Thessaloniki

  • 13 August 2021
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Hi guys 

my friend and I are currently in Croatia and are planing on travelling to Thessaloniki. We found out that many trains in the Balkan are not going right now, so we were wondering if there were any possibilities on going for Zagreb to Thessaloniki by train because we do not really want to go by bus. 

Any help is very much appreciated! 
Emilie and Charlotte 

3 replies

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Zagreb -Budapest - Bucharest -Sofia - Bus to Sofia :)

Option B Zagreb - Lubljana - Trieste or Villach - Venice and then by Ferry to Greece from Venice/Ancona/Bari or Brindisi :) within Greece you stillhave to take a bus as curently no harbour have a rail connection :/

Hi @seewulf, do you know if this is still the best option now to get from Zagreb to Thessaloniki, after 7 months?

Thanks in advance!


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¨Best¨ is in this case-as said- for bus-fiends. BUS is for the shortest and most comfy trip indeed best way. Note that some dedicated train-fans always invent routes with the longest possible trainrides-and bridge the gaps in between with local bus-this will mean much longer total trip time, confusion and probably even cost more. As I am at the mo even waiting for it:”WIZZair is the chap airline for the east-EUR countries, see what they offer if you are more openminded as ´Iwanttrainsonly!´

IF you come from N-W EUR/UK and want to visit Greek isles or so-go overland by bus to there and come back on the ferry to IT and then train it.

Also-as has good info on possible routings-but do read the full story-to see the latest updates at the bottom