Germany Experts- Can anybody suggest a logical route here?

  • 11 May 2022
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Can anybody suggest a logical route here, please? They are all so close l am not sure it makes too much difference but if l save an hour or two, l would be grateful 

Dusseldorf, Wuppertal, Essen, Bochum, Cologne, Gelsenkirchen, Dortmund, Leverkusen and Monchengladbach. I would be arriving into the area from Brussels and moving on to Hamburg. 


Thanks in advance 

5 replies

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IF you mostly travel in THIS area-then a railpass for allofEUR is far too expensive. DE has in all areas ¨verkehrsverbund=common tariff area for bustraintram etc, and these are near all in VRR=Rhein Ruhr.

There are 2major raillines-plus dozens of smaller branches,


AND K-Śolingen-Wuppertal-Hagen-Dortmund

both have iC/ICE and for LOCAL RE trains ev 30/15 mins-and also slower all stops S-bahn ev 15/20 mins, even all night on weekends. ICE is very often heavy delayed.

IF you book a strategic HTL in DUS it will also give you a FREE pass for the whole VRR area (K and Leverk are outside) so you can do easy daytrips.

OR in Jn/jl/aug there will be a 9€ MONTHly pass for LOCAL traffic only in ALL of DE-the best bargain you can ever get. This as a suss-suss for skyhigh petrol prices and raging infaltion

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Thanks. That is excellent. I will indeed be using the 9 euro offer but wanted a local expert on the most time-effective way to whip through this area. As you say there are lines in all directions so if you say it is logic to go ACBDEF rather than ACBDEF I bow to your local knowledge. 


Isn't the 9 euros' offer fantastic!?!? 

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Can l be really cheeky and ask any Germany experts to comment on:


Paderborn Bielefeld Hannover Bremen Hamburg Kiel Rostock Berlin Braunschweig Wolfsburg Magdeburg Leipzig Dresden Weimar Nuremberg Regensburg Munich Augsburg Heidenheim Stuttgart Karlsruhe Freiburg Hoffenheim Heidelberg Darmstadt Frankfurt Mainz

All suggestions are welcome on this route. 


Suggestions also welcome of where on this route to do a side trip to Prague from. I think it was Sebastian who mentioned 5 Euro Flixbus from....???


Liechtenstein looks easiest from Freiburg. Agreed? 

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What suggestions do you want? 
Liechtenstein is closest to München. Best to make a stopover in the beautiful small border town Lindau before going to Liechtenstein through Vorarlberg (AT).

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Many thanks for that. Exactly the type of insider info l need. Let's see what Bahn. De offers.