Greece to Amsterdam

  • 21 January 2022
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travel by train from Greece to Amsterdam.



  • What is the best and fastest way to travel from Greece to Amsterdam?
  • Is there a high speed rail to travel and ho0w many hours is it?
  • What are the terms for travel via train due to covid? Rapid, pcr, etc?

1 reply

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By train: not possible all the way for now,as NO INTern. trains at all from GR, also not between other ex-Yugoslavija countries for now. Best way is use a ferry to somewhere in IT then train. Use a common EUR trainplanner,.f.e. from or others to see what trains there are and how they are routed.

This topic has been posted so many times here on this forum recently-though mostly for visit TO GR-so just scroll down and read that for more info

OR search seat61, an /en/ site that overviews all overland connections to/fro UK and hook on somewhere convenient. part of the way and not continuous-mostly ITaly and parts of Germany. Or you could choose, if HS is wanted so much, even go via FR-the most KMs of HS in Europe. In general: there is very little to see out of trains on HS-soundwalls or beetroot/corn fields.

3.differ per country-also depend on where you come from and what countries you passed by the last weeks. For quick transit in most cases no test needed.