Had to use a "country of residence trip" although train didn't stop there

Hey everyone,

I have a problem with my Mobile Pass and my country of residence (Germany).

A few weeks ago I travelled from Vienna (Austria) to Innsbruck (Austria). Between the stations Salzbruck and Wörgl the train (EC662 / RJ662) crosses the German border twice, but it does not stop in Germany (see pictures). Nevertheless, I had to use a country of residence trip for this route.

Now I’m in Germany and I’m stuck, because I don’t have any more trips in or out of my country of residence. Do you know what I could do? Has one of you been in a similar situation in the past?

All the best!


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This is a bug of the app, before using an inbound/outbound the app warns you. Best in this cases is to add manually the trip in the app. 

Get in touch with customer service via Social Media @Interrail or email 

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@annie.papadopoulou @Claudi.Moll 

Can you please fix this? Ask Jody if you have any questions.

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@mafe239 The best you can do if you don't want to wait for Customer Support to fix this is to get a 9 EUR ticket and take regional trains out of Germany. You anyway need a trip in Germany to get back home again.

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Well, at least we know now thanks to his remark-of course an underlying complaint-how it works here.