Help to plan itinerary- Amsterdam to Nordics-> not using Amsterdam as the startingpoint.

  • 9 August 2022
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Hi all, 


I am new at interrailing, Very exited to start traveling! 


The plan is to go to the Nordic area, specifically, from Amsterdam to Stockholm (Sweden)- > Oslo (Norway) to → Kopenhagen (Denmark). 

To go from Amsterdam to Stockholm it will be 16 to 20 hours. So I will kinda miss a day!! 


My proposal is: get a flight to Stockholm and from there I start with interrailing.

Is that possible?

So can I start with another city than stated as country of residence (Amsterdam) (inbound outbound) on your pas. 


Amsterdam→ STockholm: catch a flight

Stockholm → Oslo: Interrail

Oslo→ Kopenhagen : Interrail

Kopenhagen → Amsterdam: Interrail


I just don't have many days that I can miss.

I hope to here from you guys… So I can start booking. 


2 replies

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With a Global Pass you can start from anywhere you like!

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Although called in and out days they are actually an option on 2 of your pass days to include any number of journeys in your home country. They do not need to be used at all if you wanted to use them all in the Nordic countries and fly in and out. If you wanted you can even use all but 2 of the days in the Nordic countries, fly back and use the 2 “Home days” for ,journeys entirely in your home country.

This advice is particularly valid for my home country , the UK where we can only travel out by Eurostar with high reservation costs and the need to get to London. However if you fly in/out with a low cost flight you can save 2 or 3 travel days compared with getting there by E* and onward trains. In addition you could use the 2 home days for a long weekend to the far reaches, eg Inverness or Cornwall , saving 100’s of pounds/euros.