Help with planning from Belgrade

  • 18 September 2021
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Hello, I’m currently on interrail through Eastern Europe and I’m in Dubrovnik right now, going to Sutomorow tomorrow and planning to go to Belgrade in Serbia after. After that I would like to go to Bucharest or Sofia, but it seems like trains are almost non existing from Belgrade. I really need some help, so I’m not stuck in Belgrade. Ultimately I would like to end up in Greece, but right now I cannot figure out which way it’s possible. Someone please help me

Sincerely Cecilie

3 replies

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few years back there were atleast one bus to Bucharest :) but i prefer the fast connection to Timisoara and then by train to Bucharest :)

I´ve suggested just few examples according their desired Route :) 

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keep in mind that you need a PCR test on arrival in Serbia! (At least officially, don’t know in practice)

@seewulf: are you sure that there are buses to Bucharest? Never heard of any Belgrade - Bucharest bus service.

I would skip the Bucharest detour and go direct to Bulgaria - many nice places there. Buses should be available (e.g. Nis express bus company)

From Sofia you have several buses per day to Saloniki and from there you can take a train to Athens.


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From Belgrade currently no International rail services besides the route from Montenegro 😕
Greece currently no international trains in operation 😕
Your options
From Belgrade by bus to Timisoara or Bucharest
From Bucharest via Ruse to Sofia
and finally a bus to Thessaloniki from there by train to Athen 🙂