How far South East of Europe can we currently go to by train?

  • 12 December 2021
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Hello everyone

I plan to go from western Europe to Turkey. The goal was to do it by train, which seemed possible according to the Eurail map.

Fact is, today December 2021, it seems there are no more trains entering Turkey, nor Bulgaria.

What are the current options to go as close to Turkey as possible by train ?

Thank you :)


3 replies

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I think you can currently go by train as gar as Svilengrad.

There are some discussions about what's possible in the German forum Die Drehscheibe.

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THat is the last BG stop just before border. It is however much quicker to use the bus from Sofia to TR.

BUT: do not think it all has to be in those iron monsters on rails-in those areas of this world the BUS is simply the better and much more used alternative. Much more often, cheaper, quicker, easier. Also an IR is of still lesser value-or even much more costly-as just buying local tickets.

In fact by now, GReece is also impossible to reach by train only, cut off from BG and North-Macedonia-partly due to covid. So the once so populair IR trip to some Greek island is also to be done by other means

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Good news. The Istanbul-Sofia route has officially resumed running on April 25th (yesterday)!
You can find the timetable here >