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I have bought a 10 day global pass for me and my son. Now I want to plan a round trip from Czechia through German to Paris, then to Milano, continuing through Switzerland to Vienna and back to Czechia. My intention was to plan for every section a separate trip and make the relevant reservations, but I do not succeed to plan more than one trip. But in one trip, I cannot choose the single destinations I would like to have, including stop-overs.
Can somebody help me?
Other issues are not available reservations on some trains and the fact that FreccaRossa is not included in the Pass, despite the advertising of Interrail. And how do I see whether we have adjacent seats on the reservation before paying?

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In Switzerland you don't need to make any reservations unless you want to go on the special tourist trains. On most of the tourist routes there are, however, also regional trains where no reservation is needed. You can read more about the Swiss tourist trains here:

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My question is not specific about Switzerland, but about how to plan such a round trip with multiple stopovers

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Dobry den, or vecere.

It  all depends on WHICH trains you want to use-and also what type of pass you both have. On the new style mobile you can do more self-serve REServations, but these all cost an additional 2€ fee.

The superfast TGV OVER the border cost a lot mor as only In FRance-so you could save money by crossing border DE-FR by local train.

For your route the FRench TGV and the Frecce and IC in IT MUST be reserved, but you do not need to do that now for over 2-3 monthes and certainly not if you can be a little flexible. More info in the country info. The INTern trains IT-Austria want a 10€ supplmt-besides the REServation.RES. for It can be done online via site of =austrian railway, has been explained here very often.

To save money going from FR to CH: use TGV only to Mulhouse, then change to local train TER to Basel and as above, In CH its all free.

Prosime vystup te, they say now to me, but in my language

Hi and thanks

  1. I have mentioned that we have global passes 10 days.
  2. Our priority IS to use High Speed trains as much as possible
  3. I speak Czech, but I am Swiss, so answer in any language 😁
  4. I wanted to reserve Frecce, but I cannot
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Reservations for Italy (Frecciarossa, -argento, -bianca, IC and EC) and EC/RJ/RJX from CH, A, D, SLO to Italy you can get via Austria ÖBB via select one way ticket (NOT only seat) and at passenger the discount Interrail/Eurail Global Pass. For reservations in Austria, Germany and other countries for train without compulsory reservation you choose the only seat option of ÖBB, DB or CD. 

Trenitalia high speed train Frecciarossa are part of Interrail (+10€ reservation) but not the trains Milano C.le - Paris Est. You can use the competitor SNCF TGV InOui insteed with Interrail.

For SNCF trains you can buy online only via reservation service. Or calling SNCF Call Center, maybe SBB CFF FFS can sell reservations for French trains. For most central European trains it can. 


To plan the trip use a general train timetable website like or And than check on the website of the train operator if the data is correct. 

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If you have any problems booking a train, please mention the specific train (origin, destination, date, departure time).

Thanks to everybody for their help