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  • 12 September 2022
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Hi, Me and my friend are currently traveling with a Interrail Global Pass. Right now we are in Italy, and would really like to go to Greece already in this week. We have tried to look up the train- and busstations in Greece, but it doesn’t seem like the easiest task, to figure out how to get from place to place in Greece. Has any of you tried to travel with Interrail in Greece, and know how to get around? We are really i some desperate need of help! Thanks 


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3 replies

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You can find train timetables here:

Not sure what the best source for bus timetables is.

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Having passed by Denmark last week, on DSB (and a vandalised S-bane too): in fact about the only remaining TRAIN (tog)line in GR is the modernsied nord-syd Athinai-Thessaloniki, with some short bracnhes. This is not where most tipical tourists want to go. It thus also means there is NO train out of GR onward-shortest-payable-buslink is Thessalonik-to border BUlgaria (bus will mostly run onward to Sofia)

Of course most appealing are the islands, which will have no toget-bare faerje. There is also a Greek Ferry Pass-hard to get underway and not very useful either.

The green BUS reigns for most normal transit in GR-its all by KTEL -a coöperative per province, and a google will usually leads to results: ´Ktel bus from X, or ON island Y). For touristy areas the results are often better as for non such. The well-known buslinks as Flix etc are only allowed to offer INTERNational. Your Hotel etc-or the taxidriver to the busstation (every minor town will have it) will also usually know about onward transportations-or that old faithful; :Lonely Planet! switching/skyfte fra toget till bussen is however often fraught with problems and no connections

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Here the Tutorial of @EdM how to book reservations online for Greece