How to travel to Narvik

  • 29 September 2021
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I'm trying to plan a trip through scandinavia by train. Now I see on the rail map that (with interrail?) I can't travel to a place like Narvik. When I enter this place in the travel planner I can travel to this station. Does anyone know how this works?Is the rail map not correct? Or does this destination perhaps not fall under interrail travel?


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It is covered by Interrail passes, but unfortunately Swedish-Norwegian border trains are transpiring to be among the very last in western Europe to be restored since the height of the pandemic. I’m not 100% on this but I don’t think a restart date has yet been given for trains to Narvik. No word yet either on trains from Oslo to Gothenburg or Stockholm, but the little local train from Trondheim to Storlien will be up and running again in a few weeks’ time, which is progress…

If you’re planning your trip for Spring 2022 onwards though, I’d be fairly hopeful that Narvik will once again be possible by then.

Best of luck with your plans!

Thanks for your response. My plan is to travel in spring 2022. Do you know where I can find the updates about the rail network in Sweden and Norway by then?

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Well, what I know is based on the website of the provider of rail services to Narvik, VY Sweden; their website is

On the main page, immediately below the box for entering journey queries, there is a link to information about Covid updates. I’m not sure how frequently it is revised, but it currently says that cross-border trains are suspended until further notice.

Until this changes, trains to Narvik will continue to appear in the website’s timetable (as they have throughout the pandemic), but they are not real - it is always impossible to make a booking for them, and all the seats will be marked as “Purchase unavailable due to Coronavirus restrictions” or “Sold out”.

For the two mainline links from Oslo, this useful list is updated every week or two:

I found out about the Storlien-Trondheim train myself on the website of its provider, SJ Nord (; if study commitments prevent me from travelling next summer, I might be interested in using it myself fairly soon. Once it restarts it will be the first functioning rail link into Norway.

Is the local train (Östersund ---Trondheim ) covered under the Eurorail Pass . We don’t have to pay extra for reservation right ?

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Actually, it's 2 local trains with a change in Storlien. But you don't need a reservation. It's probably not even possible to make one.

Where can i see the train timetable

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Again-I think you have even be told this before: the BEST site is always the site of the national railway concerned-and both SE and NO have excellent complete travelplanners for all transit (thus also busestrams etc not covered by passes). Just google or read the country-info with links on this EUrail site.

Next best-just for trains is the site of german trains:, which works for nearly all of EUR, but of course only if railways concerend have bothered to put their own data in. Scandinavia of course does-but most people here are too nervous or think its like airlines and want to check for far too long ahead.

In actual practice for the last years there are 2 connections between these towns in summer. OH-and for the concerning tourist: they also stop in HELL! a NOrwegian town en route.

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There is at least a night train from Stockholm to Narvik running now. You can check on the website of the Swedish Railway (SJ)