Idyllic nature destination in Italy

  • 18 March 2022
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I'm currently Interrailling through Italy, and in Rome right now, which is great, but I know I will be fed up with big cities in a few days.

Can anyone suggest a destination that's a nice and cozy place in beautiful nature, maybe has routes for day hikes and of course is reachable by train? Maybe even concrete guest houses/bed& breakfasts/hotels? Or just a general region?

We want to be in Napels later during the trip, so especially that direction would be useful!


1 reply

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5 earthes= cinque terre-along the coast between Roma north to La Spezia/Pisa is often mentioned as such. For me the lake area ion the north- Garda, Como, Iseo lakes etc.quite beautiful They are all very touristy thus no lack of dozens of places to stay. Just google for more info