Interrail 2022 - suggestions?

  • 28 May 2022
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I’m planning on going interrailing this summer for one month, it’ll be my third time interrailing…I’m thinking mainly about Netherlands/Germany/Czech Rep/Slovakia and back to the UK. Does have any suggestions or places they would recommend?

1 reply

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Do you want us to copy-paste a complete guidebook? Without even giving a clue if what you interests, I decline.

Note however that for the 3 summermonthes DE=Germany offers a just 9€ MONTHly ticket-for local transit only, not the faster IC/ICE. Just buy when there from machine.

CZ offers a quite cheap 7-day train ticket and SK-assuming you are still student+ISIC <26 offers free local travel with a customer card-to be made there.