Interrail in Turkey ? :(

  • 12 July 2022
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Hello everyone,

I am writing to you as I am facing a huge wall. 

I am seeking for genuine infos regarding interrail in Turkey but I can't get any real answer.

Except for the three main lines (most of them from Istanbul), I still can't figure out how I can make profit on my global pass in Turkey.

Did someone already experience interrail there ? How did you manage to get trains ? Did you just manually entered the details and hopped on the train ?

Every kind of answers would be appreciated 👍🏼

Thanksss 🤗

5 replies

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You probably can’t.

There are several countries where interrail really isn’t worth it, although that is depending on what pass is held and how much it is used elsewhere.

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This information is from 2 weeks ago.


I sent him a message right after he posted that message but I didn't get a reply :/

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There are very, very few trains running-and all for long distance require a REServ-you will not be admitted or thrown off if not. RES most be done at counter locally-your name comes on it.

BUT-even pre covid when there used to be more trains, it was also worthless-local fares are very cheap (as TRL falls and falls) so just buy normal ticket is cheaper.

Plus that the basic network in TR is by bus-thats what anyone uses. Or cheap flites seems to have best latest info on what does run.

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I think this will more useful for new users: I have travelled in Turkey in April 2022 and the way I dealed with the reservations was the following: I bought the tickets full price on (there is even a youth discount) and then, once in Turkey, I went to the ticket office and asked to switch the ticket from the standard to the interrail/eurail typology (with the number of the pass) and they sent to my bank account the full refund (until 15min the departure of train, otherwise it is 80% refund which is still fine). This was the method that was suggested from the customer service and it fully worked for us with this route: Istanbul-Eskisehir-Denizli-Selcuk-Izmir-Balikesir. The trains are super new and safe and they are investing abudantly on new lines. The route Eskisehir-Denizli takes very long but the landscape is wonderful. 

Thus, I highly recommend a interrail trip in Turkey but surely needs a bit of organization, but these informations can make it easier!

Good luck,