Interrailing for the first time.

  • 20 May 2024
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Hi everyone,


Looking to interrail Austria, Italy & Switzerland.

Open to other countries. as well as.


Has anyone done anything similar or looking to.


Any information regarding itinerary, interrailing around would be much appreciated.





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3 replies


Hi Luke,


I will do my first Interrail in central/east europe soon, so i can't help you sorry. I'm interested in itineraries too, and advices, things that a few people know... I will do Austria and Czech republic especially ^^ 


I hope you will get answers that will help you!

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It's hard to advise without knowing what your tastes are. Cities, mountains, or beaches. 5* hotels or couch surfing?

You've chosen some good countries, which are easy to get around by train. And there are some good itinerary suggestions on the Interrail site.

Have a look at those as a starting point, and other members can probably maker better suggestions once you have some more specific questions.

Thanks for your reply.


I would be up for a mixture of cities, mountains/hikes (especially in Switzerland), beaches.

Hotels not high on the agenda, rather be out sightseeing/doing stuff.