Is this a possible Itinerary considering Covid?

  • 14 July 2021
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Planning to go for a month, leaving the UK around the 10th of August, with the following plans- 

-Amsterdam, Netherlands

-Prague, Czech Republic

-Budapest, Hungary

-Bled, Slovenia

-Verona, Italy


Currently away from the UK atm in Greece, n this has cost a ton in Covid tests, been a load of hassle with paperwork and tens days isolation upon return to the UK so just interesting if anyone knows the feasibility of this trip for August!


Cheers in Advance x

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1 reply

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If you’ve been double-vaccinated (and I know I haven’t, it’s still mostly over-40s), the requirement to self-isolate on your return from Amber List countries is being scrapped as part of the government’s all-purpose “Freedom Day” free-for-all in five days’ time. As there are not, to the best of my knowledge, any Red Listed countries in Europe any more, you should be clear for takeoff on that front.

You will need to check, of course, if the countries you plan to travel to will allow you in, as rules can and do change. Most will allow unhindered UK entry, and will no-longer require isolation on arrival (Italy scraps this from the end of the month), but there is a general baseline requirement to be double-jabbed.

Expect to still be required to wear masks and practice social-distancing conventions in a great many public spaces in all continental countries, as they continue to make conscientious efforts to mitigate the risks of unnecessary spikes and debilitating long-Covid.

Rail links between all the countries you’ve listed are up and running almost entirely as normal.

Best of luck!