Krakow to Wengen (Zurich)

  • 13 April 2023
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I have 2 back-to-back stag do’s in the middle of my month’s interrailing…


Stag Do 1 is in Krakow, ending on a Sunday.

Stag Do 2 is in Wengen (near Zurich) from Sunday > Thursday.


I want to get to Stag Do 2 as soon as possible, as I’ve already paid in full for accommodation, and don’t want to miss out on the action...


So I’m either looking at a €250 plane ticket, which will get me there in 2 hours,


23 hours of travel on my (already purchased) interrail pass 😫


I was originally set on interrailing and using night trains, but unfortunately, due to frequent changes, it seems like I might struggle to get any uninterrupted sleep for more than 3 hours, which makes the €30+ cost feel like less value for money…


Basically, if anyone happens to have taken such a journey before, I’d love any advice you might be able to impart! (I realise this question is about as long as the journey... but you never know who’s out there 🤷😂)


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What is your travel date ?

This is an option to travel during the day :

- Krakow - Katowice - Vienna - Munich - Zurich 07:27 - 22:27 + night in Zurich

But I wouldn't recommend it. I'd advise to take the train leaving Krakow at 14:06 to Vienna and from there the night train to Zurich. Of course you'll arrive on Monday morning in Wengen 

If time is so an issue, then I'm afraid you'll have to buy a plane ticket.

Wengen is nowhere near Zurich btw (at least for Swiss standards).

Btw your Interrail pass could be refunded (minus 15%). Check the conditions in your confirmation email

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So I’m either looking at a €250 plane ticket, which will get me there in 2 hours,

Not really. Check where Wengen is in relation to the airport.

Thanks, I really appreciate the response!

The Interrail app / Google maps don’t always provide the most intuitive route, but having checked, it seems like your suggested route is an option.

I didn’t realise I could take the Vienna > Zurich leg of the journey as a 1-train private sleeper, which really makes things much simpler (plus provides a night of cheap accommodation). 

I think I’ll take that option, save the money and get some work done as I travel. Thanks for the help :)

PS. And I realise Zurich and Wengen aren’t particularly close, but given the sheer scale of the trip I’m taking, it feels like a walk round the corner 🤣 Should be able to make it to Wengen in the early afternoon on the Monday.

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Yes it really seems the best option to me ! You leave Krakow at 14:00 and you arrive around midday in Wengen :)

I'd recommend to book the night train quite in advance, esp. as you'd like a private sleeper (which is understandable, it costs 100€ so less than a room in Switzerland) + you'll be travelling on Sunday night.

Unfortunately Interrail only gives a 25% discount from Interlaken onwards so you'll need to add 10.80 CHF for Interlaken Ost - Wengen

Let us know for questions and enjoy your trip