Last minute train from Rotterdam to Paris

  • 1 January 2023
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Hi there! 


Please can you help me... 


I need to take a train from Rotterdam to Paris tomorrow, 2 Jan 2022. I have a Eurail global pass but on the app and website it shows that the trains are not able to be booked. 


Has this happened to anyone before? I will be going to Rotterdam today and I can go and speak to them at the station (if this is possible - who should I go speak to?) 


Or does anyone have any suggestions on how I can do this trip..... 


Thank you so much! 


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3 replies

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I guess that the trains requiring reservations might be fully booked so you can look for reservation free trains in the rail planner or any other planner. In the DB app select Nur Nahverkehr. 

There are many options but it will take longer time than with the trains needing reservations. 


Direct trains seem to be fully booked until wednesday.

Best slow connection to use without reservation:

11.11 from Rotterdam, change at Antwerpen Centraal, Charleroi Central and Maubeuge. Arrives Paris Nord 17.41.

(also possible 13.11 and 15.11)

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Best combo of speed+small extra to pay is use hourly yellow train to RU-change Antwerpen-go up 3 levels to train to L:Ille, then -MUST RES, the hourly TGV to Paris-these are not that often very full, but have to check-perhaps if lucky even still a 10€ seat.

Next best the new now 2-hourly many chnages via local trains as above via Charelroi-Maubeuge.