Línea Zagreb-Sarajevo

  • 21 June 2022
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Hola!! Queremos ir de viaje a la zona de los Balcanes, pero si estoy en lo cierto, la línea de tren Zagreb-Sarajevo está cerrada indefinidamente.

¿Alguien sabe si el bus (que es la alternativa) se puede coger con el Eurail Pass o habría que pagarlo a parte? Dado que el tren está cerrado.

Muchas gracias!! :)

1 reply

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EUrail is not for Espanoles-only for those from out of EURope-Espanoles mut use INTerRail.

There are since many yrs NO trenes Zag-Srj, there are a very few connections by BUS (what else)-buy ticket at busstation, it is not overly cheap (or was, did this quite some time ago). There may be chances to buy online, but thats not really necessary.

Same for getting out of Srj onward-just spend a few mins after arrival to ask and see what it available.

In BOsnia are a very few trains, but fairly unrelaible and so cheap that a pass is not worth using