London - France - Italy - Spain

  • 20 March 2022
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Hi,  I’m planning to travel to following  countries  starting from London.   What is the best and most affordable train options available?   Dates are flexible.  At the moment looking during Easter Holidays 2022. Are there any weekly pass which gives unlimited travel between these countries in trains.

 London - France - Italy - Spain

2 replies

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That is a very vague question. Those countries are big and there are many places you could visit. I suggest to make a plan first and then check which reservations need to be booked first (probably Eurostar and TGV to Spain).

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Go to THIS site: about any train-riding englishperson knows: Has all the details and info you need. Is not overly pass-friendly-if a pass is better or not you have to decide all by yourself. Will also depend on age and travel wishes.