London- Paris - Perpignan - London

  • 18 April 2022
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Hello can anybody advise on my planned trip?  

2 adults 2 youths (12-15) 
London to Paris 2 nights 16-18th Aug 2022

Paris to Perpignan for camping 10 nights 18th - 28th Aug 2022

Perpignan to London 28th Aug 2022


The cost is higher for general tickets on Rail Europe/Trainline so I'm interested in the Interrail Pass but the more I read the more confused I'm getting! 


Help! :)

4 replies

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You'll need a global pass and the minimum is then 4 days.

If you take a 3-day pass for France, then Eurostar is not included and you'd need to buy separate tickets for Eurostar. If that's cheaper or not depends on the fares available.

You can check availability of pass holder reservations easily via B-Europe as mentioned by Angelo (Eurostar and TGV within france).

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Please, no need to shout (which is what writing in CAPS means).

What is it you are confused about?

As to your price comparison, did you take the mandatory reservations for Eurostar (30€ in 2nd class) and in France (10 or 20€ per person and high speed train) into account?

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Eurostar London St. P. Int. - Paris Nord (reservation 30€ per person) 


TGV Paris GDL - Perpignan (10 or 20€ reservation per person)


Same to get back. You can check the timetable on (bit confusing website) or other timetable websites like or


You can get reservations via reservation service (+2€ fee/train/person), B-Europe (Eurostar and TGV within france) (+4€ fee/booking) or via SNCF Call Center (press #85 for English) or B-Europe (SNCB/NMBS International - Belgian Railways) but there will be phone charges instead


Hello I’ve lowered the case as didn’t realise that’s what it meant! 


Thanks for your replies


My initial confusion is what type of pass to get as I’m starting in London and this will affect with the additional bookings the overall cost. 


how many days pass would you recommend for below? 3 or 4 days?? 

london-paris 16.08

paris-perpignan 18.08

perpignan-paris-london 28.08