Map of most scenic Eurail routes?

Has anyone discovered or created a map of the most scenic routes available for travel with a Eurail pass? 


Also, I understand from the Eurail website that many of the scenic routes require reservation fees.  Is that right, and are the prices pretty reasonable?

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Here is information on some of the scenic routes in Switzerland. On all routes it is possible to travel without reservation if you avoid the panoramic trains/waggons and use the regional trains or the normal waggons that are connected to some of the panoramic trains.


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Its about reverse; but its more a case of picking the right normal trains and NOT the expensive and praise too much to over-excited tourists special panorama cars (its mostly in the swiss). Then its ´free´ or no extra to pay.

There used to be country sections in main site also mentioning what in that country would be thought of as being scenic lines, but there was a recent reshuffle and not that easy to find.

In a free newsppr I got last week which reprinted some CNN (or whatever) article about 10 ´most scenic´ rides in the world there were 4 in EUR, from what I recall:

Swiss: bernina to ITaly, St Moritz-Tirano

FRance: little yellow metro de Pyrenees (from Perpignan west into mountains)-I never ever see this mentioned here, whereas other german sites swear by it and go out of their way to ride it

GB/Scot: toward Fort William an the western Hebrides.

NOrway: Flamsbanan, just east of Bergen- ´NO in a nutshell´ (only discount with pass)