Meet up in St Brieuc / Dinan / St Malo

  • 7 April 2023
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Hello everybody!

Its my first time posting in this forum and I’m not exactly sure id this is the right place for this stuff, but I’ll give it a try.

I’m currently on a journey throughout france, and besides france probably being the worst country when you have no drivers license and are tied to trains, I’m enjoying my route so far.

I’ll be in Betragne with stops in Saint Brieuc, Dinan & Saint-Malo from april 8 to april 17, and was wondering if there’s anyone who happens to be in the region too these days and might want to meet up for a coffee or anything?

Its my fourth time traveling with Interrail, but until now I’ve always been alone everywhere I go and I might want to change that.

Feel free to hit me up!

Best wishes to all,


1 reply

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You are more likely to find people to meet on Facebook as this site mainly deals with travel problems