Naples to Florence IC vs Frecciarissa options

We have global 1st class passes.

Will travel Naples-Florence April 8th. 

Appreciate advice ( cost and duration aside) on pleasantness or other notable advantages of choosing either:

Intercity 590 Train to Florence Rifredi ( slower  approx 3 hrs but cheaper seat resevations)


Frecciarissa 9532 Train to Florence SMN ( quicker approx 5 hrs but dearer seat reservations) 

 We are aware there is an option to avoid seat reservations altogether but it's a bit too slow approx 7 hrs but are happy to pay to keep the duration down.

Thanks in advance from anyone familiar with these trains/ options. Cheers



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Well worth paying the reservation fee for the Frecciarossa in this case. It’s €10 vs €3 for the Intercity. Much nicer train, much faster, and free coffee/ water and biscuit in First Class!

You can see photos and a description of each train here:

Thank you Ralderton, exactly what we needed to hear to make up our minds! really appreciate that 😎👍🌈