New to Eurail - Planning Trip Around Europe

  • 2 June 2022
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Hi all! My partner and I are planning a trip to Europe for about a month and a half this summer. We’re trying to figure out ticketing and making sure we get to the location we need to. I think our main confusion comes when having to find or book tickets for lines not necessarily linked to Eurail. Basically our plan is:

Madrid→Barcelona→Nice→Milan→Florence→Riomaggiore→Rome (flying to) Split→Ljubljana→Venice→Interlaken→Frankfurt→Amsterdam→Brussels→Paris→London

Most of these don’t seem to be issues but with finding certain trains like Barcelona to Nice we seemed to have uncertainty around the specifics of it all. Neither of us have have done everything like this so we are just trying to iron this out with having as few hiccups as possible. Looking for any valuable information, tips or advice anyone has!


1 reply

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Again-like so many a newbee, you have managed to exactly find the 3 countries most hard to get REServ with pass as possible; ESpana as #1, then FRance and Italy-all hi-speed must be REServed and these are hard to get in main summer. The usual other non-rail fora tell anyone: forget pass, just book online on local railsite, and I agree this will give you peace of mind, after all you preplan each day+Htl, so do same for trains. A pass will also not really save enormous amounts of money. I suggest to prepare yourself, read a few same-same postings on these areas-and maybe decide on a pass only for rest of trip > Split. Find REServ page by seewulf for how to-if at all.

Best overall site to plan is from, but it will as any computer only deliver what someone has bothered to put in; RENFE, ES railways, like to keep it all for themselves and also not open it too long before.

The usual route Barca→ Nice: choose between very expensive hi-speed till Montpellier or Avignon, change, or USE (on a pass much cheaper/free) local=regional trains, via Cerbére-Mntpl-Marseille-this will take all day in 1 go.