Nighttrain Paris to PortBou

  • 14 March 2023
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Im searching for a night train from Paris to PortBou, (preferably the 26th of June, but some dates before or after, would be alright aswell). The Interrail website says, that the train should go daily in the summer. But the App doesnt show this route at all (or at least not with night trains). I even tried dates in August, but it didn't help. 


Does somebody know, if the train still exist? Or maybe another train in the direction (preferably by night)? (I need to get to Valencia) 





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2 replies

I found it, thanks 

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Try Paris Austerlitz to Cerbere (France) on Sunday 25 June (day earlier). There is the night train (NT3637) at 21:41PM. It's just a 4 minute local train from Cerbere to Port-Bou (make sure you include the little dash in Port-Bou in the app) and then on you go.