Nordic summer trip

  • 19 July 2021
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Hi, I’m planning to go on a short 1-2 weeks Nordic trip, starting in Berlin, going through Copenhaguen, Albo, Gotheborg and Stokholm. How do you find travelling these times with all the restrictions? Is it hard to find a hostel on the way, without booking in advance? 

I had been travelling with Interrail in late Summer 2019, boarding trains back then has been easy. How is it now? 

1 reply

Hi Kasia

I'm also on an Interrail Trip and was in Denmark and Sweden two weeks ago. As far as booking hostels/hotels etc goes, we never had a problem. We also had to change our plans last minute and it was not hard to find a place to stay. In Sweden there are no restrictions in the trains, which means that you don't need to wear a mask. In Denmark they made reservations mandatory for almost all routes, but you can buy your seat reservation at the ticket vendig machine at each station. The seat reservations were free! We always were able to make a reservation, even if we bought  it 1hour before departure. Furthermore, in DK it is mandatory to wear a mask in the train when you are not at your place (eg. Go to the toilet). But not many people complied with those rules. I found it rather relaxing travelling through DK and Sweden.

Hope this helps you! Wishing you a nice trip!