Opinions on our Timetable

  • 12 March 2023
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We just wanted some opinions on our timetable. We are staying with friends in Amsterdam, so plan to stay there longer to save on accommodation. Just wondering whether you guys think we should swap places out or stay at places for a long or shorter amount of time?

2 replies

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Hi, here is what we did last year in October as an example.  Berlin Prague Krakow Budapest Ljubljana Venice Rome.  Each time two whole days on site, except Ljubljana 1 day only. I think that 2 days is a good compromise, except for Venice which we fell in love with and where we are going back this year.

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I wouldn’t stay so long in Strasbourg unless you are using it as a base to explore the region. You won’t see much of Venice in the time you allocated. You really need at least three nights here. It will be incredibly busy and possibly very hot so plan accordingly. If you’re going to the Doge’s palace pre book similarly St Marks and other tourist places. Venice is expensive so stay in Mestre or further out. There are numerous trains linking nearby towns to the city.