Oslo -Bergen trip

  • 14 June 2021
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It is understood that train trip from OSLO to BERGEN is very scenic. Please suggest a train trip  (planned for April 2022) with train details from Oslo to Bergen to enjoy the scenic route. 

1 reply

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April 2022 is to far in the future in Europe there are two timetable changes per year 

December (the big one) 

June (small one) 

Between them many countries have smaller local timetable changes :) 


So we cant share a final Route with correct times as we cant know when the trains will run then. 


In General you may take a ferry from Denmark to Bergen (Eurail discount) and then by train from Bergen via Oslo to Stockholm (here eastwards to Finland or south to Denmark/Germany) 


Or from Oslo north to Trondheim from there further to Bodo (Here with bus to Narvik) an from Narvik by train via Abisko (very scenic), Kiruna (Iron mine) to Stockholm