Overnight travel followed by train connection travel day clarification

  • 7 February 2023
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I’m travelling from Prague to Geneva.

I’m taking the sleeper train Prague (18:21) to Zurich (08:20) overnight then Zurich to Geneva on that same day.

I know the first part of the journey counts as 1 travel day because it’s overnight. What about the 2nd part of the trip? Is this considered as a 2nd travel day or is this still part of the first travel day? They need to be booked/reserved separately.



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It's a second travel day.

Thought that might be the case. Thanks for confirming.

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All days (00.00 - 23.59 CET) when you board a train is a travel day. 

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If you’re trying to save a day on a flexible pass there are good value fares from Zurich to Geneva . The further in advance the cheaper.they are. Use the SBB app but ignore the headline price as these are for Swiss railcard holders