Own country travelling with Eurostar

  • 7 February 2023
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The UK is my country of residence.

I'm travelling from Edinburgh to Paris (Edinburgh-London by national rail + London-Paris by Eurostar).

Do the 2 trips count as 1 outbound journey in my own country or is this 2 and I need to book the Edinburgh to London separately please?

This would be over 2 days (overnight in London) as I'll be heading straight to Prague from Paris.

I won’t need the ‘return’ in my own country at the end of the trip.



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2 replies

Great, that makes sense. Thank you.

It will count as two days, not just one.

But you are allowed to use two travel days also in your country of residence. 

The app does allow to use both for this outbound journey. 

So if you don't need any travel day in your homecountry to return, you may use it that way.