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  • 15 April 2024
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Hey all. I need to get from Paris to Athens in about ten days in June. Most of the other topics here detailed that it could be difficult to move around by train in those countries south of Croatia. I’d love to see Switzerland but that’s really my only true hard set desire in this trip. I was curious, as a first timer, to see what you all think on how you all think i could make this trip happen best in terms of ease in travel and access, as well as somewhat cheaper locations for this trip. (Yes, I know Switzerland doesn’t fall on the cheap side of things.) 



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There are 2 main ways basically:

- Austria - Hungary - Romania - Bulgaria + bus Sofia - Thessaloniki (no discount)

- Italy + ferry to Patras and then a bus/train combination to Athens

More can be found here: (disregard the London - Paris bit)

Some tips and tricks:

The Eastern route will be the cheapest (accommodation, food). The Vienna - Bucharest night train is available online, not the other two services.

The Bernina railway is an incredible way to enter Italy from Switzerland. If the country is a must definitely take that route. :)

Afterwards you could visit multiple Italian cities/regions: Lake Como, Bologna, Verona, Venice,... as you wish. Obviously you won't be alone in June. Slowly make your way to Bari or Brindisi and board a ferry.