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  • 24 April 2022
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Hi there,


I’ve booked a 4 Day Global Pass and want to confirm that the following trip is possible using this passing. The trip involves one night train which seemed to confuse the planner as to how many days of travel would be required. I read that if I take a night train directly (without changing trains) between two destinations that this only counts as one day of travel.


Can you please confirm that the following trip only requires a four day pass?


The trip is as follows:

27/06: Sibiu (23:01) → Budapest (8:50)+1

30/06: Budapest (07:40) -→ Prague (14:42)

01/07: Prague (14:25) -→ Berlin (18:35)

04/07: Berlin (08:31) -→ Paris (16:54)







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3 replies

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You can indeed do that with 4 travel days. By the way, the planner doesn't say how many travel days you need. It just warns you when the arrival is the next day.

Many thanks rvdborgt! 

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IF you are able to preplam=fix the dates now, it seems to me that you can do much better by booking advance tickets-and use RegioJet yellow train Bp->PR. PR-B can often be had untill 1 month before for just 19 €. Use the site of the country/company the trip starts-read seat61 for info on how to