Planning a route on a budget for 3 weeks

  • 16 February 2022
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Hi! I'm a college student with a 22 day global pass, my original route began in Thessaloniki in Greece however it was to difficult to get across to the likes of montenegro to croatia. Does anyone know any other routes that does not include going to Belgrade to directly croatia? We would love to see Montenegro and Albania but we don't want to backtrack on ourselves. Otherwise we will be beginning in Croatia and going from there. Thanks!

2 replies

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Again some one who has to cope with non-existing trains. There simply as for now is NO train over the border -be it Gr-Mac and again Mac-RS (=Serbije) and hardly any from RS onward (big works). Even if there still were, the main route would always, always be via Beograd. Albania has always completely been cut off from the EUropean network. Cerna Gora (=black mountains, =Monte Negro) only has a feeble line to Beograd. There are, for lovers of overland and wanting to visit these areas; BUSes, of course pay separate not on a pass. As you can also clearly read in the relevant country info on main site. The usual route for now to reach GR is via ferry from ITaly.

If you really want to go out of the way to ride some trains: you could start in BG/Sofija and go via Romania toward Hungary. From Thess toward Sofija-there is a gap of about 25/30 Kms between current last station in GR and 1st border post in BG, hitch hike or pay for taxi. Or-again-use through bus all the way.

PS-in case you are planning to fly to there-also check WIZZair-its not just Ryanair that offers low prices for that.

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Please note that a global pass in the Balkans is wasted money as traveling by rail/bus is pretty cheap :) Use your Globalpass for more expensive Countries like Austria,Germany,Switzerland,Scandinavia,Italy :)

As said almost no trains currently in that area. You may catch a Ferry from Greece to Bari/Ancona (Italy) and from there to Albania/Croatia in summerseason there is a weekly ferry from Bari to Bar (Montenegro)